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Belief - CD

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Belief's eponymous album is out

"Jung is a special song for Stella and I. It was the most ‘organic’ (for lack of a better term) on the record. Its fluidity is inspiring for future Belief tracks. I started with a simple pumping pad, bird sounds and a piano riff. Stella took that and started layering live synth and hi-hat takes under and over it. I hear both of us equally in this. Lots of beauty, softness and emotion in this one.

The video is footage from my wife, Ali Lee Hollon. She filmed nature in such a close and out of focus manner that it creates a calming tension. The viewer is always waiting to connect but it simply doesn’t happen, not unlike humans and our need to digitize or document ourselves in nature with an inability to truly focus and surrender to what is before us. She presents the video in the style of MTV’s iconic show, AMP, which was a major influence on me. It was an electronic program with visuals and audio mixed like a DJ set. It was an amazing show and the archives still hold up.”

‘Jung’ is an expression of the tension between our desire to connect with the natural world and our inability to focus once we do,” says director Ali Lee Hollon. “The digital lens we have attached ourselves to dilutes light and sound. Time is fragmented, reality distorted. But what is existence if not fragile boundaries defining the outline of shapes, and are we capable of experiencing them in their purest form?” Boom Bip