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Ether Teeth


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Andy Broder's second album on the Ninja Tune label as FOG (before he began releasing music on Lex) with additional production input from Tom Herbers (also known from his work with Low) keeping things quirky and ultra lo-fi, recorded in sequence straight onto 2 inch tape. 


As with much of his output, Ether Teeth fluctuates between calm and melancholy, veering to loud, active and very direct. An album at the intersection of pianos, poetic song and turntables.

"Ether Teeth brings reality closer to your ears than most music ever hope, melding folk, hip-hop and psychedelia to produce a few of the finest tunes you'll hear this year. Surprisingly personal and emotionally resonant, Ether Teeth is potent inspiration, undeniably captivating in its moments of brilliance." Pitchfork - 8.4/10


  1. Plum Dumb
  2. What A Day Day
  3. See It? See It?
  4. The Girl From The Gum Commercial
  5. Cheerup Cheerily
  6. Under A Anvil Tree
  7. No Boys Allowed
  8. Apologizing To Mystery
  9. I Call This Song Old Tyme Dudes
  10. Wallpaper Sink Or Swim
  11. Cardinal Heart